Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last night, final thoughts

Last day in Perth. Went to Fremantle without Tanya, Jacob and Gracie as the kids have been poorly. 'Freo' as the locals call it is a bit strange, quite quaint but then with some cool little coffee shops and bars. The market was good and we had some nice raw food. Then we suddenly found our walk had taken us back to the car so we took it as a sign to leave the town and try somewhere else. Went into Subiaco, we liked it there. Also, there was loads of Rugby supporters both English and Oz, getting ready for a big match at the Subiaco Oval. Justin didn't realise we were right next to the Oval until we were home, oops I mean Tanya's home.
Had a lovely veggie lasagne and some nice wine for our last night. Justin back on Mike's home brew.
SO...what did we think?
To be honest I am more undecided then ever. Not sure Perth is the place for us. It is very nice. I like the ocean but it is a big place and I am not sure I can cycle round it like I can in Ansdell. All I can say is that we won't know till we get back to the UK but we have had a great adventure. Before we came away I said the best things about this trip is that we are doing it together as a family and I haven't been disappointed. The Allitts Aussie Adventure has been a great adventure and it isn't always about the destination but the journey you take x

Friday, June 11, 2010

11th June-2nd day in Perth

...Once again it is no longer Joanna writing the blog.Mum's told me to write about today.So I will.But only because I'm extraordinarily bored.Today was second day in Perth where once again I played with the dogs for half the morning.I really like them they're called Dyson and Kerbee (I think thats how you spell it.) They're both awsome and VERY clever.Well today wasn't about the dogs so on to what we did today.

We decided to go on the train to the city center then walked over to the park.Although it wasn't that simple.On the way we had scrummy lunch and took a look inside this mega expensive shop.IT WAS $60 FOR A SMALL NOTEBOOK! We also diddn't know how to get to the park so that meant walking and a lot of it. We got there eventully though.

And the rest of the day was pretty simple so I'm not going to waste finger energy by explaining somthing that shouldn't be explained.

Happy easter, happy birthday and ho ho ho mery christmas.

Had a look around the city centre briefly before going to Kings park. All of a sudden it was 1.30 and we were all hungry. I am convinced time passes more quickly down under. By the tme we got to the park it was the end of the day. Damn these short days, why does it go dark so early here?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yey, headlice!!!

We are kindly staying at Tanya and Mikes house, but unfortunately we've brought some uninvited guests with us, possibly originating from the campervan. So far we know they have hitched a ride on golden balls sons head. I knew there was a reason I got a grade two haircut before I came out here.

Martha has made friends with the two dogs here, Dyson and Kirby, whilst Max has been playing football with them in the field next to the house.

Today we were given a tour of some nice local beaches by Tanya, Jacob and Gracie.
The kids had a great time and were straight into the sea.
It is also worth mentioning that Mikes home brew is very drinkable.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Goodbye Melbourne....with your tree lined streets, integrated tram system, small Victorian houses, clever town planners, wonderful restaurants and your super cool suburbs.
It rained, it was cold but Melbourne was fabulous.
Now on to the last leg of our adventure....Perth.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8th June The Great Ocean Road

Spent the morning at the Prahan Market. They have a great centre with farm animals and loads of child friendly things to do. Lots of mums meeting there for coffees and chin wags whilst kids get their fingers nibbled by naughty goats. Max was a bit unsure about the goat who kept jumping up at him-the kangaroo incident has scarred him mentally! He was much happier with the hens. Went for a drive down the Great Ocean road, really great beaches. Enjoyed the scenery. City scapes aren't really my thing but Melbourne has a great skyline. visited Torquay (?) Anglesea(hang on,a minute, get your own bloody names). Then spent an hour trying to get back into the city, where you can't turn right around certain times and then only if your are in the left lane!
Oh yeah bought a winter coat today as well...

Monday, June 7, 2010

7th June

Had a good nights sleep, the hotel is so much better than that bloody hole we were staying in. Had a lazy morning and then got the free tram around the city. We did go to The Old Melbourne Gaol. It was hilarious. Visiters get taken through by some old battle axe warden who shout at you as if they were taking a load of prisoners to a holding area. Martha and Max were very worried that it was real but Martha soon came round to the idea that it was theatre, poor Max tried so hard to keep himself from crying and really thought he was going to end up in Jail. The 'guard' let the kids be helper guards and when she left us for a 2nd and I took a photo Martha grassed on me and told her I had stepped out of line and taken a photo-the 'guard' called me a wanker! Justin was wetting himself. It was the jail where Ned Kelly was hung.

Quick trip round little Italy and Fitzroy, had a pub lunch at the Napier Hotel. Max played his first game of pool.

We nearly paid $47 for parking. It is so expensive.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5th
Melbourne has redeemed itself a little. Had a good walk around in the daylight after a late but yummy breakfast, then it started raining and then it was bloody cold. There are some gorgeous buildings and some great little vintage and second hand shops. Drove across the city, which is not easy. I just wanted to get across the river, after going round in circles we walked across instead. Visited the Aquarium, which is excellent. Justin and I had a good look at the stingrays to get an idea of just how big the mantarays are and they looked huge, no wonder we were taken aback when we saw one on the reef especially as mantarays are bigger than the biggest one we saw here. When we came out guess what, it was dark and raining, again. Off to Lunar park and the markets tomorrow