Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 3rd Hicksville Arizona

Decided to rent a car and drive to Melbourne as opposed to getting a flight so we can see as much of Oz as possible. It wasn’t as pretty and lush as the drive from Cairns.
Gundagai -Halfway from Sydney to Melbourne, a bizarre little town that was once flooded by the local damn breaking. If you believe what they say in Gundagai it was Australia’s worst natural disaster, I think it is more of a disaster that they rebuilt it. The motel room was 4 star, I think that related to how many stars you can see through the cracks in the walls. It was definitely the kind of town where locals stopped and stared. The shop fronts were looked like they were from a movie set and were just fronts like in Blazing Saddles.
It has the oldest bakery in Australia and justin went to get us breakfast from there in the morning. Croissants? No. Anything like croissants? No. Is there anywhere I can get something like croissants? No...but they had grits.

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  1. Should have gone via Blue mountains and the Alpine pass, lake Jingabyne...via the ski areas, quite stunning..lots of hick town on route to melbourne, except for Canberra, weirdest city in world... completely soulless