Saturday, June 5, 2010

Backdating to fill you in-Sydney

2nd June
Last day in Sydney. In the morning we went through China town and to Paddy’s Market...this is Jus, taking over as Jo tucks the ‘little runt’, as Martha calls him, into bed...then we hit Bondi in the afternoon. I have good memories of Bondi; Rik and I worked at Bondi Pavillion just on the Esplanade one New Year’s Eve.
Overcast and cool, I bravely stayed on the beach to look after the clothes and take the photos while the family went into the sea (Mrs Allitt in vest and knickers, wowee!!). They all had a good splash in the water, although Martha got caught out by the current, ‘I almost drowned’ she told me.
We then decamped to a chocolatiere which over looked the beach and got our chocolate fix for the day.
Afterwards we wobbled onto the bus back to Circular Quay, which was buzzing with lots of excited children. All the local schools had been invited to perform at the Sidney Opera House and this was going to be a very special night for them.
I thought I would take the family to Doyles that night, a famous Sydney fish restaurant at the Rocks. It is an area with a perfect view of the Harbour, Bridge and Opera House. However, when we got there I was shocked to see what it had morphed into, instead of a charming little eatery; it was a four storey glass cathedral of a restaurant. It had gone all posh and expensive.
So, wanting to keep to a budget, we decided to go to the Shark Hotel for a cheap ‘all you can eat’ meal.
It was one of the worse meals I have ever had; we should have eaten at Doyles!

this is Joanna -i've definately got backpackers arse and it doesn't help that we go into McDonalds to get free WI FI

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