Saturday, June 5, 2010

5th June - Melbourne

Can't help thinking we should have spent an extra day in Sydney or Brisbane even. Melbourne is wet and cold but it has got a good aquarium though.
If you ever visit don't stay at Easy stay budget motel on Carlisle street. They are cold and full of loud people with noisy trams going past all the time!
The streets are pretty and tree lined though and there are some really cool shops down Acland street.
...Back to Martha. Today was our first full day in Melborne where we did what I really wanted to do-go to the aquariam.


  1. You saw more than us we only got to McDonalds at the airport before flying to Sydney.
    Sounds like your having fun sending you all hugs.
    Martha - Dont forget the Violet Crumble!! Oh and Izzy says can you bring her a real Koala home.
    Max - Have you had any boxing matches with a kangaroo yet?
    Missing you all,
    Love Hayley, Paul, Charlie & Izzy xxx

  2. melbourne, 4 climates in a day...that's why its so special, once you get used to weird traffic turn left to go right idea.. watch out for the trams, its easy city. Check out Toorak and cool cafe/resturants, get down to Philp Island to see Penguins...