Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 4thNight no 1 – Melbourne

the drive was foresty and green as we got closer to Melbourne and I got to see my favourite animal, the wombat, in the wild. It was dead at the side of the road. It felt that we were reaching civilisation but even as we got to the outskirts of the city it still took a long time to drive into Melbourne. Everything is so far here; even in the city ‘centre’ the roads are so long. It is dark as well when we arrived, it goes dark about 6 o’clock here and this is worrying because I don’t think this is just because it is winter. We are in St Kilda so we could be ‘bayside’. Anyway we arrived at Ackland street after going down roads that were one way because we could just not fathom any other way of getting to our destination, to be told that we would be staying round the corner on their Carlisle street base. It is a road that has trams running up and down it and our apartment is by the road. Our ‘apartment ’is a room. It is cold and they have left only one blanket for the kids. The young backpackers like having a party outside our window. Not a great start for Melbourne. It is slipping from the no 2 spot of places we would consider living. Oh yeah, if you look up Ackland/Carlisle St in tourist guides it is the red light district....Justin? where are you?...

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  1. red light, drugs, prostitues, although they mostly operate in specialist hotels, where its all legalised...St.Kilda is lovely during night too dangerous. You passed the wineries on way into Melbourne, missed a treat there. Do look up Hardy and my other friend john, Philip island penguins are a MUST for the kids..