Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yey, headlice!!!

We are kindly staying at Tanya and Mikes house, but unfortunately we've brought some uninvited guests with us, possibly originating from the campervan. So far we know they have hitched a ride on golden balls sons head. I knew there was a reason I got a grade two haircut before I came out here.

Martha has made friends with the two dogs here, Dyson and Kirby, whilst Max has been playing football with them in the field next to the house.

Today we were given a tour of some nice local beaches by Tanya, Jacob and Gracie.
The kids had a great time and were straight into the sea.
It is also worth mentioning that Mikes home brew is very drinkable.


  1. *chants in a taunting playground way* Justin has townie hair Justin has townie hair!!!!!! Hahaha hugs for you all x

  2. Lauren, I can always count on you to be nice x