Friday, June 11, 2010

11th June-2nd day in Perth

...Once again it is no longer Joanna writing the blog.Mum's told me to write about today.So I will.But only because I'm extraordinarily bored.Today was second day in Perth where once again I played with the dogs for half the morning.I really like them they're called Dyson and Kerbee (I think thats how you spell it.) They're both awsome and VERY clever.Well today wasn't about the dogs so on to what we did today.

We decided to go on the train to the city center then walked over to the park.Although it wasn't that simple.On the way we had scrummy lunch and took a look inside this mega expensive shop.IT WAS $60 FOR A SMALL NOTEBOOK! We also diddn't know how to get to the park so that meant walking and a lot of it. We got there eventully though.

And the rest of the day was pretty simple so I'm not going to waste finger energy by explaining somthing that shouldn't be explained.

Happy easter, happy birthday and ho ho ho mery christmas.

Had a look around the city centre briefly before going to Kings park. All of a sudden it was 1.30 and we were all hungry. I am convinced time passes more quickly down under. By the tme we got to the park it was the end of the day. Damn these short days, why does it go dark so early here?

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