Thursday, May 27, 2010

20th -23rd

Cairns is the perfect place to get over Jet lag. It is Tropical and pretty and a good area to access the rainforest from and there are loads of family things to do, although it seems expensive in the supermarkets and shops. Thank goodness for Woolworths, yes Woolies. It is different to ours; it is more ‘like Asda over here. There is ‘a great area in Cairns called the esplanade with loads of BBQ places and a great park for the ‘kids called Muddy’s (see photo). It is just by the beach but there are salt water crocs so we kept off the sand.
Max’s side of the story...
How would you explain “Muddies?” Exciting.
What was your favourite part of “Muddies?” The water bit.
Why was this your favourite part? Because we both (me and Martha) got soaking wet.
What did you think of the bat we saw? I was amazed. I didn’t think it was that big though.

Left The lakes Resort so we could be in town for our day trips. We stayed at the very swanky Park Regis Piermonde in an apartment that we all thought we would like to spend more time in... Right this is Martha now. We have been to an awsome, urban place named Kuranda. My expectations were rather high because I had always wanted to go in a cable car. The cable car wasn’t as good as I expected. Probably because all I could see out the window was VERY tall tree tops. Still it was fun.. After the cable car we decided to explore Kuranda. As we looked around the town we noticed a place called Kuranda koala gardens. We thought it would be a good idea to venture inside it. .Right now as I write this I am stuck in a place just like hell also known as a campervan. Okay it isn’t THAT bad, but still I have to share a bed with the little runt. The olds, the little runt and I are hoping to a recommended place called Whitsunday Island. Where I desperately want to go to this little island, which we would be brought to by a smallish boat where we can go swimming in the Great Barrier Reef (again) fully equipped.

Just to fill in some details. We did venture into the Koala Park and the kids held a koala and a snake and played with Kangaroos and wallabies. Very Cute. We also tried loads of honey from a local honey hive keeper. There was even a hive at the chop and Martha nearly had a turn when she thought they were all caged up. After trying to find a way to free them all she realised they could go in and out on their own accord.
Speaking of Martha’s affinity with all creatures we nearly lost her at the Great Barrier reef. It really was an awesome day and the kids were so brave getting in the water and trying out snorkelling for the first time. The boat ride over took us to Firzroy Island - I am definately going back there. It is beautiful. Unfortunately for Max we didn't disembark here as he had already filled a few sick bags and was totally green! Like I said he was great in the water once we got there.
Martha freaked out a bit at first when she saw how many fish there were but she soon got the hang of it and we managed to get her back on the boat for lunch and a ride around on the glass bottom boat. However, when the whistle went for everyone to get back to the boat she was still out there on the reef and although Justin said they had to go back she didn’t want to. She was really quiet on the way home and spent all the journey looking back out longingly to the reef.
We leave Cairns now and head out on the 2nd part of the adventure – The Campervan. Briefly mentioned by the little reef lover, Martha.

Just to end that Cairns is great and Justin said it exceeded all his expectations, he could live there. The people are really friendly.
I have just got to comment on the Aboriginal people of Cairns. It still feels they are marginalised, they just aren’t the face of everything that is going on there, they don’t serve you in shops, help you with your diving gear, be at the reception of the hotel but they might be cleaning your room or the public toilets. It just seemed really a one sided Oz. Woolworths has a policy of checking peoples bags I only saw an Aboriginal woman having her bag checked and she looked uneducated and frightened but then everywhere is selling aboriginal art, never an aboriginal shop owner though. However, one night a large extended family/group of friends of all ages were having a great party on the Esplanade but it was just them no other Australians, i.e. white people but it looked like they knew how to party.

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