Saturday, May 29, 2010

28th May-goldcoast & Australia zoo - Crikey!

i'm having problems uploading photos. It is very sporadic as to when it works.-
We are near the goldcoast by mistake really-i overshot the turn off for Brisbane. I'll have to go back tomorrow to drop the van off though.
It goes dark here by 6pm so it is hard to tell you what it is like here but Brisbane seems to be the busiest place we have been to so far and that is just judging it by the outskirts.
The van is falling apart and we have had engine failure warning signals going off all the time. Last night it rained a lot and martha woke up thinking Max had peed on her but it was leaking through the roof onto the overhead cab where they sleep.
Been to Australia zoo today - home of Steve Irwin, crocodile hunter and Crikey! it's a bloody fortune. It is quite hands on and the show is good but I think it is mega commercialised. I can't even bring myself to tell you haw much we paid to get in but even Martha was shocked.
It didn't help that Max was attacked by a grumpy Kangaroo, which Justin then Kicked to get it away from Max, it is all part of the adventure :)

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