Sunday, May 30, 2010

30th May or is it?

Justin is out getting drunk with Mike, it is like old times except we are in Australia and Mike owns a restaurant!
Brisbane looks very nice but we've booked a flight and a hotel to Sydney. Justin is feeling drawn to his birhtplace and to think we were just going to go for a night


  1. Wow guys looks like you are having some fun, not sure about camper van, sounds rather rough, leaking roofs, dodgey engine.... So off the Sydney, its pity you missed dropping in on my brother noth of Brisbane, as they are soon heading this way for a visit. A night in Sydney the off to Melbourne ? Happy travelling, J

  2. If you get time in Melbourne do drop in on John Hardy and wife Sarah, the address I gave you, they are also heading to Europe this summer... great company, car nut, ranaults and racing ... think of rumpole of the bailey ...that's him..J