Monday, May 24, 2010

Manchester to Singapore 16th May -18th May

There we were having a nice Sunday morning coffee when the call came - they've shut Manchester Airport. I kept thinking of 'Revolutionary road'. I didn't intend to do myself harm but I felt it all starting to fall apart. The decision to drive to London was made before I had even finished my coffee although the negative taxi driver kept insisting they would close London too. I didn't care I was getting on the plane whether i had to fly it myself or not. Justin threw everything in the car, kids included and off we went keeping one ear on the traffic reports. I have to say that local/commercial radio stations were like " NOBODY MOVE, THEY'RE GOING TO SHUT ALL THE AIRSPACE, EVERYWHERE, FOREVER!" Thank goodness I am such a geek that listens to 5live , much more down to earth - "did we mention they've shut the airports in the north, just those place up north, London's ok, so we aren't fussed really." I wasn't happy, really ok with it all though until we were flying over Afghanistan and that is something I didn't think I would ever say!

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