Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 2 campervan 24th May

We should have been able to get to Airlie Beach but we couldn’t make it. I had been driving for nearly 7 hours so we stopped at Ayr. Nothing going on here. The site was pretty naff and she wasn’t overjoyed that we had turned up after 6. Everything is dark after 6!
It shouldn’t have taken us that long but I missed a turning and carried on without realising I was on the wrong road. I was just enjoying the sugar cane fields and relying on my co-pilot, Justin, to navigate me. I take full responsibility though for taking us through the sugar cane fields when it was quite obvious the road had actually ended. The curious adventurer in me thought that the clay dust track would lead me back to a main road ‘just around the corner’. It didn’t because in Oz nothing is just around the corner seemingly. Eventually, there was something just around the corner and it was the end of the dirt track and the forest edge of guringlie national park. It was very pretty but there was no way of getting in with any kind of vehicle. It was all part of the adventure and I can say I’ve taken us all to the outback now!

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