Monday, May 24, 2010

Arrival in Cairns 19th May

We arrived really early in the morning but I still felt like I had lost a day. We had stopped in Darwin for all of 30 minutes and then you had to add on 30 minutes for the time difference between Darwin and Cairns plus the seven hours from somewhere else and an hour or two from...I was lost in time and my rucksack was lost somewhere between Singapore and Darwin. They were very laid back about it at the the airport as the Aussies are about everything I've come to learn.

Anyway, yeah for the Lakes resort. 2 nights, great place with pools and stuff for kids, great views from our balcony of Tropical forests. Weird lizards and birds making strange noises in the night but Jet lag hit and we didn't hear a thing. See photo. Not booze induced I promise.

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