Saturday, May 29, 2010

day 4 Campervan

Day 4-Airliebeach Still
Back to Martha. Well this was the day that the people recommended to us. Swimming in the great barrier and stepping in world’s finest sand. Turns out a telescope was made from sand. I don’t get how though. Well I was shocked to see that only a tiny bit of sand was actually the finest in the world. Still it was mega softy.
Not sure where Martha was as the whole area was the world’s finest sand. It is really beautiful around the Whitsundays, really, really beautiful but we chose the most cloudy, grey, overcast day and we even had rain. Still the snorkel was good and Max wasn’t sick on the boat journey so not so bad. It was a smaller more friendly boat and we had a larger area to swim in. Someone said that they could see a Mantaray but it was at the other end of the reef to where we were by the time we got over it had swam away. However...later Justin and I swam over to the reef whilst little lord Max was taken over on the dinghy. The dinghy driver said look now I think it is the mantaray. I put my head in quickly just to see it turn and swim away. I had seen enough. Even forewarned I wasn’t prepared for the size of it. They are massive! If I hadn’t been told what it was or forewarned of it being there I would have crapped my pants.
We’ve had another great Bar-b courtesy of Justin and tonight there is a Rugby interstate origin match thing on the movie screen between Queensland and New South Wales. Justin is joining in with the QLD team fans and drinking his beer. He said it goes to show what a big following sports has here. It is a great atmosphere and Justin keeps updating Max with scores, which is then followed by a victory dance by Max.

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  1. i am very enjoying being in australia through you... mega softy xxx