Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sunday 23rd Campervan day 1

The kids were ready to settle down in the campervan for a long drive because I had made them walk 3miles in the mid day sun to pick up the van. (I hear you saying typical Joanna) I can’t get used to these Australian distances. They actually had to walk beyond the Lakes Resort that we had moved from to be closer to town! The journey to Mission Beach was good but not really covering the kind of kilometres we need to cover to make it to Brisbane in 7 days. But MissionBeachis a great site! The beach is gorgeous and the area is definitely a lazy surf dude heaven. I would really like to go back there and spend more time.
Our neighbours were two friends and a daughter taking a 4month trip around Oz. The one brit amongst them told us we should head to Airlie beach and sees the Whitsundays so that is where we are off to!
Justin drove us to Mission Beach, fine job he did to.

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